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With the release of Hawkeye in Marvel’s Avengers, only the second new hero after six months in the wake of a myriad of delays, I wondered if his arrival had marked an increase in the playercount in any meaningful capacity. really the only way to track this (after I was reminded to by Skillup), I have to say that yes, Hawkeye has indeed brought players back to the game. There’s actually a 4-5x increase in players post-Hawkeye, though that comes with a caveat.

Although many consider Spider-Man one of the most powerful Avengers in terms of strength, before Tom Holland donned the web-shooters, Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of the character was easily the strongest. His feats included stopping a moving train, holding a hanging trolley with one hand and even breaking the tensile strength of Venom’s webbing. But because there were never any true galactic threats or gods to contend with, his power reached a ceiling by the third film.

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I would imagine that these increases are probably higher on console, the main platform for the game, and one that just underwent a full next-gen upgrade on PS5 and Xbox Series X, though we don’t have actual figures there. So the news might be better than Steamcharts is making it look. And using the same metric, I would note that this 5x or so increase in players is higher than the 3x we saw from Kate Bishop’s release three months ago in December. So even though we are deeper into release, the increase is greater due to perhaps Hawkeye being a more recognizable character, and also maybe the showcase of a roadmap leading to a bunch of additions and a Black Panther expansion, telling players it’s safe to get back into the game and it’s not being abandoned like Anthem.

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On the other hand, the MCU Spidey has faced quite a bit in his first few years on the job. His earliest feats involved stopping a vehicle that was traveling at full speed, holding a ferry together before Iron Man arrived, carrying a full elevator and holding back the strength of one of the children of Thanos. While these feats are fairly common for any neighborhood Spider-Man, it’s the age that he performed them that makes him stand out compared to his predecessor.

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